Start to put the numbers together to get a clearer picture of a person’s character and to better understand yourself. What are your strengths? This module shows you what the missing numbers in your grid mean, and the areas that must be worked on or developed. Take a closer look at ‘complete’ lines that are formed (or not) in a grid, and how they identify a person’s character and natural abilities.

What's covered

  1. 1
    • Module 1 Overview: Remembering the Key Foundations

    • Nulistix Foundations Refresher

  2. 2
    • Module 2 Overview: Introduction to the Nulistix Grid

    • Nulistix Grid Template

    • Resource: 2.1 Nulistix Grid Template

    • Nulistix Grid in Action

    • Resource: 2.2 Blank Nulistix Grid Template

    • Homework: H2.1 Nulistix Grid Homework Feedback John

    • Homework: H2.2 Nulistix Grid Homework Feedback Ken

    • Homework: H2.3 Nulistix Grid Homework Feedback Jane

  3. 3
    • Module 3 Overview: Observations of the Nulistix Grid

    • Observations of the Nulistix Grid

    • Resource: Blank Nulistix Grid & Observation Template

    • Homework: H2.4 Nulistix Grid Observation Homework Feedback John

    • Homework: H2.5 Nulistix Grid Observation Homework Feedback Ken

    • Homework: H2.6 Nulistix Grid Observation Homework Feedback Jane

  4. 4
    • Module 4 Overview: Interpreting the Nulistix Grid

    • Multiple Occurrences of a Single Number

    • Resource: 2.4 Multiple Occurrences of Numbers

    • Homework: H2.7 Multiple Occurrences Homework Feedback Sheet

    • Missing Numbers

    • Resource - Missing Numbers

    • Number Combinations

    • Resource: 2.6 Number Combinations

    • Quiz - Number Combinations

    • Homework: 2.8 Number Combinations

    • Homework: H2.8 Feedback Combinations & Missing Numbers

    • 2.9 Number Combinations - Incomplete

    • Number Combination Blocks

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Nulistix Cycles

    • Nulistix Cycles

  6. 6
    • Module 6 Overview: Final Exam

    • Final Exam

    • Exam: E2.10 Nulistix Fundamentals Exam Answers

Want more?

Completed Nulistix Foundations? Learn how to put it into practice

Take it to the next level

Once you've mastered the basics, its time to take your skills to the next level and learn how to apply Nulistix in every day situations. Some of the many ways Nulistix can be applied are:

  • Personality and character analysis

  • Relationship compatibility

  • Staff and family dynamics

  • Financial investments

  • City and country analysis

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Timing of events

  • Past, present, future predictions